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Designing Data Intensive Applications - Reliable, Scalable and Maintainable applications
·5 mins
Architecture Backend Design Software
Shipping fast, then iterating
·4 mins
Indie-Hacking Development Business
Refactoring is an investment
·2 mins
Backend Coding Career
IDE functionalities I cannot live without
·6 mins
Backend Productivity Tool
Stupid Simple System Design
·6 mins
Architecture Backend Design Software
Gophercon UK 2023 throwbacks
·9 mins
Career Gophercon Go Backend
Concurrency in programming simply explained
·6 mins
Computing Programming Concurrency
Database replication vs sharding
·3 mins
Database Scaling Backend Architecture
What do we mean by platform in tech ?
·2 mins
Tech Company Career
The Lindy effect in software
·4 mins
Software Engineering